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Gibraltar Monkeys Barbary Macaque

Gibraltar Monkeys Barbary Macaque Vacation Holidays Gibraltar is the last place in the whole European continent where the Barbary Macaque population, counting approximately 200 animals, continue to thrive. As they are a tailless species, they are classified as apes.

Gibraltar Monkeys Barbary Macaque Vacation Holidays The origin of their presence in Gibraltar has not been explained as yet. Perhaps they were first introduced to Gibraltar by the Moors to be used as pets or they were brought in 18th century by British soldiers. As the Gibraltar Macaques can be really troublesome damaging personal properties, dwellers do not leave their windows open in fear that they will steal something. Coming into contact with them may be dangerous as it can result in contracting jaundice or salmonella.

Gibraltar Monkeys Barbary Macaque Vacation Holidays A popular belief holds that as long as Barbary Macaques exist on Gibraltar, the territory will remain under British rule. They are considered to be the top tourist attraction. Many tourists take photos with them as they are used to human interaction. Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that they can steal a mobile phone or a handbag.