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Gibraltar Vacation Holidays Giblartar is a popular destination of tourists visiting Spain.

Gibraltar, town and port in the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula by the Mediterranean Sea. The Rock of Gibraltar, 4,8 km long and 427 metres high, covers the most of the Peninsula. Gibraltar with its area of barely 6,5 square kilometres and approximately 4,3 thousand inhabitants per square kilometre is one of the most densely populated territories in the world.

The fortification was built by Arabs and conquered by Spaniards in 1462. The 1713 Treaty of Utrecht awarded Britain sovereignty over Gibraltar as Spain ceded Gibraltar to the United Kingdom in perpetuity, making it an official British colony.

Time zone: GMT +1.00

Gibraltar does not possess natural resources and its reserves of freshwater are negligible. Water which is not potable is collected in large concrete or natural rock water catchments.

English is the official language but many residents are fluent in Spanish.

Gibraltar is the last place in the whole European continent where the Barbary Macaque population continue to thrive.